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by | December 17,2022

Ready for the next step up from quick search and basic search? This self-paced course will get you started with the most flexible and powerful way to search in Jira Software. You can use a JQL filter to make a board that shows the relevant issues based on whatever jql does not contain criteria you want. JQL is a flexible yet robust logic that can be used in a variety of different ways. @Andrei Pisklenov _Actonic_, thank you for sharing this post! This is really helpful for new Jira users who want to learn about Jira’s JQL search capabilities.

A JQL query is a set of words and operators that define how Jira will narrow your search. JQL is also getting better, especially ever after the Jira 8.0 release. Now running JQL searches 33% faster than Jira 7.12 and almost entirely eliminating memory issues previously faced when making complex searches. JQL, or Jira Query Language, is a flexible tool that allows you to search for issues in Jira and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.


JQL, like SQL and GraphQL, enables easy access to large data sets. These queries are similar in nature, even though they operate on different platforms. Jira Query Language enables anyone to build queries that can be executed in Jira to produce a set of results. These queries are very similar to SQL, GraphQL, and other query languages that enable easy access to large databases or data sets.

what are JQL queries

A field in JQL is a word that represents a Jira field (or a custom field that has already been defined in Jira). Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world right now, but the way it is stored and accessed can impact its efficiency and usability. You can even create custom software that runs SQL queries to retrieve data and presents it in intuitive ways.

Sharing Your JQL Queries

Let’s take a look at how Jira Query Language, or JQL, can help solve the same problem with Jira Issues, which can similarly become unwieldy in large projects. You will only see results for products you have access to. Search for requests that have been approved or require approval. Intermediate Jira Software users who are new to JQL and want to deepen their knowledge of Jira’s features. When you have hundreds of Jira issues, finding the right one can be a challenge.

what are JQL queries

Let’s look at another example examining the incoming bugs to our project. We want to see any new critical or blocking bugs that have come in recently to see if recent checkins have decreased stability. This is extremely helpful for organizations that have service level agreements (SLA) with their customer base. A JQL query can easily find the issues that are not meeting that SLA.

Troubleshooting in advanced search

Search for issues that have declined pull requests on linked Bitbucket instances. Note that this query will also return issues with merged pull requests. Note, it is safer to search by security level ID than by security level name. It is possible for your Jira administrator to change the name of a security level, which could break any saved filter that rely on that name. Security level IDs, however, are unique and cannot be changed. Search for issues that were created on, before, or after a particular date (or date range).

Find issues in projects where you have a specific permission. Search for issues that match the selected values of a ‘cascading select’ custom field. The “WAS IN” operator is used to find issues that currently have or previously had any of multiple specified values for the specified field. The syntax-powered advanced search or JQL is a powerful tool for getting specific information from projects. All queries are made up of fields, operators, values, and keywords. The Jira Query Language, or JQL, is a convenient way to access Jira issues and find the information that you need.

what are JQL queries

What’s really handy about Jira JQL is that it will auto-suggest as you type. This allows you to get the syntax right when you don’t know it by heart. If you need help referencing the syntax, you can always click on the question mark on the right of the search box.

  • Search for requests that have been approved or require approval.
  • Perform searches based on the earliest unreleased version in a project.
  • Search for issues that are due by the end of the last day of the current week.

Use specific nomenclature to keep track of your filters. They are always represented as a word followed by parentheses containing fields or values. When you click on “Advanced Search”, you’ll get a search bar with no pre-made filters. Each keyword has a specific meaning that further narrows the search, like “AND” and “OR”. Power users who employ Jira on a daily basis may already have a grasp of the Jira query language. But effective query writing skills can also be quite helpful to other members of the team.

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