Our Story

Smart81 was set up to cater to the needs Start-ups, Scale-Ups, Accelerators and Venture Capitalists. By having a focus on early-stage companies, we are able to provide tailored solutions to organisations that are either in their infancy and need to establish a foothold in the market, or companies that need to rapidly scale their operations to grow.

Our Management Team of entrepreneurs have the knowledge and experience to give your business the right kind of technical and commercial advice, whilst building you best in class, high quality and affordable software solutions.

With the resources of Smart81 behind you, we can collectively work together to help you achieve your goals and drive your business onto the next stage.





How Smart81 helps your business grow


We support entrepreneurs with great ideas (we’re entrepreneurs ourselves!).


We have an outstanding network of investors, experts and advisors to open doors and supercharge your growth.

joint success

We want to see businesses succeed and grow with you. We take down barriers rather than put them up.


Our commercial models are built specifically for businesses on the start-up journey. We understand your needs.

Technical Excellence

We have the expertise and understanding needed to take your solution from MVP right through to enterprise-level software.

The Verysell Group of Technology Companies

VerySell is a Swiss-based company established in 90s and successfully invested in a lot of Technology companies. Smart81 is a brand of VerySell aiming to leverage the promising the Start-ups, Scale-ups.




Designers, consultants and developers of outcome driven software.

An advanced technology partner and incubator of early stage companies.

Payment apps for mobile wallets, driving usage, adoption and financial inclusion.

A game outsourcing solution provider, creating cool, amazing and catchy games.

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